Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where to buy the best glass in Michigan

I buy all of my pipes and bongs from Michigan Head Shops and they haven't let me down. I'm pretty sure they are located right in the heart of Downtown Lansing or East Lansing, I don't remember but they continue to deliver countless goods. So if you're in East Lansing, Lansing, Detroit, wherever in Michigan, you NEED to consider buying it from Head Shops in East Lansing Michigan. These business also have hand blown glass by locals outside of their group. I love all the people that work here to provide quality glass and I'm very much an advocate to their values.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Folk song I wrote awhile back

I thought some of you might get a kick out of these lyrics. I have a guitar part written I just haven't recorded it or anything. I think it really speaks about all the good things about smoking. I just do it to enjoy everything a little bit more. I don't always have to be stoned but if I can I try to. Although business meetings I need to be sober for haha! This song reminds me of good times in on MSU campus hanging out with some random people I just met and we're having good times! I love the people in East Lansing they are always friendly! If anyone agrees with my song please leave a comment!

standing in a circle with some people ive never met
stories bout our pasts and promises we never kept
laughing and telling dumb jokes
hit of my cigarrete in between tokes

i get high to smile and laugh at night
i get high to feel all good inside

i get stoned to make the world my home
i get stoned get my longboard and hit the road

i get blazed to change my evil ways
i get blazed to find my way thru the maze

i love weed

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's the difference between a head shop and a smoke shop?

Head shops in Michigan specialize in drug paraphernalia that related to the use of marijuana and other recreational drugs. They typically have an emphasis on counterculture activities and the do it yourself attitude. Some of the major products are vaporizers, papers for rolling, glass bowls, bongs or waterpipes, whipits, scales, posters, lighters, items that make you "drop clean" on drug tests. They might include longboards and hackey sacks or things like incense. Smoke shops are either the exact same or they may sell gourmet cigarettes and cigars and may include some of the same products. OZ Glass Gallery. 517 664 1141

On Legalizing Marijuana

The US places too much emphasis on putting those who smoke marijuana behind bars. In the year 1990 alone, over 6 million American citizens were arrested for marijuana violations. That is more people than the populations of both Dakotas, Wyoming, Vermont, Washington D.C., Alaska and Delaware combined! Since 1980 there was an 800% increase in arrests for marijuana charges by the year 2000. Between local and state law they arrested 730,000 people for more or less no reason!

When we talk about the pros and cons to legalizing pot, we have to take in account the current social, economic, and health issues involved. Socially, weed has a negative stigma that it makes you dumb and laugh uncontrollably. While I do become giggly I am by no means a reckless person while I'm high. Most of the time nobody knows I am. I just feel great and can focus easier. I might work on my computer or play some music but it's all in good fun. Our economy is going down and what do we have to show from it? Increased cigarette taxes? That won't curb people from smoking cigarettes it will just take more money out of the pockets of consumers and put it into fixing the governments fuck ups. If marijuana was nationally legalized it could be easily taxed and still kept at a reasonable price while the government still gains an income stream and there is less of a demand for pot dealers. The health issues are minimal. The legal pot cards could be given only once a doctor says it is okay for the patient to smoke weed. The health affects are slightly obstructed airways and a minimal reduction in lung capacity. The rest of the problems are really only while your smoking and even then you just have to be careful.

Shouldn't we have learned from Prohibition that the government can't force us to give up something we so deeply desire? Marijuana is the number one most used illegal drug and the least damaging too! If it's outlawed the only thing that comes from it, is that people succumb to a black market in order to get it. Pot being illegal hasn't stopped it from being in the hands of teens and adults. If there was a repository they could have big posters with information teaching kids proper times to smoke and how to do it safely. Think about them handing out little one hitters so that kids don't have to use pop cans! Right now the people are spending their tax dollars to lock up themselves and their friends. Legalize marijuana. It's about time.

The Best Glass Stores in the Lansing, Mi Area


Go to OZ Glass Gallery. 517 664 1141

If you're trying to dazzle your friends with your new color changing glass pipe or impress them with your Roor glass bong or water pipe, you have come to the right place! Whether you're from East Lansing or Williamson, Mason or even Okemos Michigan, you can be guaranteed you will find what you need at my favorite head shops and smoke shops around Mid Michigan.

I'm a student at MSU and I KNOW where the best places to get your bongs and glass pipes around Lansing.

551 East Grand River Ave
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 664-1141

In Flight Sports
507 East Grand River Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 351-8100

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